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How do leasing companies work?

Leasing companies work with a group of dealers and pre-negotiate the lowest possible pricing. In many cases we negotiate, prices lower than the dealer pays for the car and this savings is passed onto you.

How long have leasing companies been around?

Leasing companies have been around since the early 1900’s; this has been credited to Zollie Frank who is credited with leasing cars as far back as 1914.

Where do I pick up my new vehicle?

We are in the business of providing VIP service accommodating whatever works for you. We can deliver your new vehicle to your house, office or even your vacation home in Florida. In addition, you can pick your new vehicle up at one of our convenient locations.

Where will I service my new vehicle?

You can service your new vehicle at ANY factory-authorized dealership, whether it’s the one near home, your work or local mechanic.

Will I still get a loaner car when I bring it in for service?

Provided the make and model you lease offers loaner cars you get this benefit at any factory-authorized dealership.

Will I get a better deal at my dealership?

In 99 percent of the cases we a can get you a substantially better deal than you get at your dealership. In addition, we can provide you several different leasing options as well as many different makes and models.

What happens to my current vehicle whose lease is expiring?

When we deliver your new vehicle, we will pick up your old car and return it to originating dealer. We can also assist you with any cosmetic repairs at a reduced cost to avoid excess wear and tear charges from the leasing company.

Do we take trade-ins?

Of course, in addition to Westport Auto Leasing our sister company CARSATION is a full service auto dealership. You can use your trade’s equity towards your new vehicle or we can issue a check back for whatever equity you have in the vehicle.

Do we only lease cars?

At Westport Auto Leasing, we are a full service dealership. We lease, sell, finance, and service all makes and models including Certified Pre Owned.

How do we handle your license plates and registration?

Depending on what you state you are located in you might receive a temporary tag when your new car is delivered. These are usually valid for 30 days and when your new plates come in they will be sent with a tracking number to the address you provided us with. You also always have the option of transferring your existing plates.

The twenty million dollar question. Why use a leasing company vs a traditional auto dealership?

Technology is changing rapidly in the auto industry. There are many people who feel the traditional dealership business model will be obsolete in 10 years. By using a leasing company, you can be assured that we are looking out for your best interests as far as pricing as well as making the right decision on your vehicle purchase. You can save your valuable time as well as your hard-earned money.
At a dealership, a salesperson sells one-brand. At Westport Auto Leasing we sell and lease over 100 different makes and models. We have the experience to tell you the pros and cons of each brand, what is reliable, what is not, as well as what the best overall value is.