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Why use a Leasing Company?

Why Use a Leasing Company over a Traditional Dealer?


Many people ask why would I use a leasing company over a traditional dealer? Well, here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider using a leasing company.

First, in most situations, we are able to provide you with a substantially better deal than you’d get at your dealership. We are able to do this by negotiating lower prices than the dealer pays for the car and the money that is saved gets passed down to the customer. This is possible by working with a variety of dealers to pre-negotiate the lowest possible price and that allows us to negotiate to a lower price. Also, we are able to provide you with several different options such as different makes and models of a variety of vehicles.

Second, many people feel that the auto leasing landscape is changing within the next ten years. These people feel that the traditional dealership business model will be dying by that time. This is where leasing companies come into play. By going to a leasing company, we can assure you that we are looking out for your best interests as well as making sure you are making the best purchase decision possible.

Third, at Westport Auto Leasing, we are able to provide you with the option of choosing from over 100 different makes and models. Meanwhile, traditional dealers can only sell one brand. This is a huge positive because by leasing from us, it gives customers the option of choosing whatever brand, make, or model they want. For example, if someone has only leased Mercedes wants to get a new brand of car such as an Audi or BMW, they can’t do that at a traditional dealership, but they can do that at Westport Auto Leasing.

Fourth, using a leasing company instead of a traditional dealership takes away the stressful process of buying a car. Nobody likes spending all day at a car dealership, so at Westport Auto Leasing we strive to make the car leasing process easy, and stress free. Imagine how much more efficient your days would be if you weren’t stuck in a car dealership all day trying to negotiate a lease deal.

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